Makeup Essentials while traveling to the beach

hey girls …

This is the second part of my essentials to carry to the beach post.
when you are at the beach you don’t want to have a lot of makeup on but you want to look fresh and done up. Got to look good for the pictures right !!!

So here is a list of products that you can use to get that beach look 😉

1. Foundation or concealer : yes I know what you guys must be thinking.. A foundation or a concealer is a lot. But I actually applied foundation when I was in Goa.
here comes the Tip — you can mix in your full coverage foundation with your moisturizer and apply it as a tinted moisturizer. It will work just fine.

You can take the same foundation and apply it just under your eyes and blend it with your fingers or a beauty bender. It will take away the tiredness from your
eyes and make you look fresh. You can do the same with your concealer too. either the foundation or the concealer. You know what I mean ?? 😛

You can carry any full coverage foundation that suits your skin type
I took my Loreal mat magiue 12 hr Foundation.

2. Loose or pressed powder : Whether you apply foundation or not you need a powder to mattify your skin because you are bound to sweat and look greasy in the hot weather. I took my NYX HD Finishing powder in Translucent

3. Waterproof Mascara : as you are going to spend your time at the beach, you will want to get into the water. And you should not be worrying about your mascara when you do that. Hence Waterproof mascara.

A good one is Maybelline Lash Sensational water proof mascara

4. Waterproof gel eyeliner : Again the same reason as above. And its not like you will travel without an eyeliner. Its a staple for us women.

Recommendation : Loreal Paris Super Liner Gel or Loreal Paris Silkissime gel liner pencil in Black

5. A matte long lasting lipstick : yes a long wearing lipstick will stay the day and will need regular touch ups. Plus it will not bleed when you get wet. I also suggest using a bright shade as it will make you look fresh even though you have less or no makeup on.

Recommendation : MAC Retro matte lipstick or the NYX professional Makeup Full Throttle lipstick is a good drugstore option

6. Brow Enhancers : If you are like me and are fond of tamed, neat looking eye brows then these two products are a must for you.

  • A eyebrow pencil
  • Eyebrow mascara (tinted or clear)

7. Last but not the least A matte blush : This is totally optional for you guys. But I took an orange colored blush with me just to give some warmth and color to my skin.

Recommendation : LA Girl Just Blushing blush in shade Just for fun. Its super pigmented.

I hope this post was helpful. Please leave your comments below.

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