MCaffeine Hibiscus SLS Free Caffeine Shampoo with Hop Seed and Vitamin E

Our hair undergoes a lot everyday due to the constant exposure to pollution and dirt just like our skin. Finding a good chemical and sulfate free shampoo is necessary as well as a tricky business. I love the body shop rainforest balancing shampoo which is not easily available and is out of stock most of the time.. So I was surfing through the internet in search of another SLS free shampoo. So I came across this.

Today I am going to talk about the MCaffeine Hibiscus SLS Free Caffeine Shampoo which also has Hop Seed and Vitamin E.

Price – Rs. 479/- for 150 ml

Product Description – MCaffeine Hop Seed SLS-Free Shampoo with Hibiscus and Vitamin E is designed for an active and natural lifestyle. It prevents hair loss occurring due to stress and air pollutants and penetrates deep into the hair roots and follicles, and encourages hair growth, resulting in voluminous and healthy looking hair.

This sulphate free shampoo supports hair growth and fights itchy scalp, hair loss and other hair problems caused by chemicals.
Vitamin E gives a natural shine to the hair, Hop Seeds and Hibiscus nourish your scalp and hair.
Has a musky fragrance that wakes up your senses and provides a refreshing essence.
It is Paraben free and not tested on animals

Ingredients – Caffeine, Amla Extract, Hop Seed Oil extract, Hibiscus Extract, Orange Extract, Coconut oil, Menthol, Glycerin, Foaming Agent, Water, Vitamin E, Preservatives and lastly Fragrance
How to Use – The packaging says Leave on scalp for 2 minutes from application to rinse.

My take on the Product
• The shampoo comes in a small plastic bottle with a pump dispenser.
• The best thing about the packaging is that it comes with a small plastic tight neck stopper kind of thing. You fit that stopper into the base of the pump and you will not be able to press it. So there is no chance of dispensing any shampoo accidentally. Ergo ! you can easily travel with it. Although it might seem a little bulky because of the shape of the bottle.

•  The consistency is thick and creamy. The shampoo is really SLS free as it claims to be. And that is why it does not lather up as much as other shampoos with high SLS content. It just forms a light foam when mixed with water.

• The major ingredients in the shampoo are :
Hibiscus – helps prevent hair loss and promotes hair regrowth.
Caffeine – Stimulates hair growth.
Hop Seed – adds shine to hair and reduces/ prevents dandruff.
Vitamin E – repairs damage to hair follicles.
I was glad to see that there were no chemical ingredients in it and its paraben free.

How I use it – I take a little amount at first and just wash my hair with it. Then I go for second wash. I message the shampoo onto my scalp and keep it for atleast 2 minutes as it says on the packaging. This gives the caffeine time to get absorbed into the scalp. It takes 2 washes as the shampoo does not lather much and I have oily scalp.

Myhair fall has reduced drastically after using this shampoo. I thought that on first application it will make my hair frizzy coz it has a very thick consistency. But it did not. My hair felt soft and manageable. Even though it forms such a light foam it cleanses my hair properly. The fragrance is really pleasant. Nothing too overwhelming. I am happy that I found a good shampoo. I would not say its super affordable. But the price is reasonable. I am sure I will go through a bottle in 1.5 or 2 months and I wash my hair every 4th day.  But for someone with normal to dry hair it will probably last longer than that.

Overall, I love this shampoo will definitely repurchase. In fact I already have a backup 😛

I hope this post is helpful. Leave a comment below if it is. You can also connect with me on Instagram @flozaeliza.

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