Review : It’s Skin Green Tea Watery Cream

Today I am going to talk about another Korean skincare product. Its the It’s Skin Green Tea Watery Cream.
This is the first time I am trying a product from this korean brand. Please read on to know my thoughts on it.

Product Description – The It’s Skin Green Tea Watery Cream is here to give your thirsty skin a boost of hydration. It has been formulated with natural ingredient of green tea that provides excellent moisturizing plus soothing silky skin care effects. It supplies water into the skin and keeps skin fresh, calm and soft. This cream contains cucumber extract, bamboo extract, and plum for vital skin care.


Protects and soothes your skin from environmental damage, and offers deep hydration.

Keeps skin hydrated and glowing

Makes skin fresh, calm and soft

Note:Β It’s Skin uses mostly natural ingredients, and all their skin care products are free from scent, coloring and alcohol.

Packaging – The product comes in cute green glass tub with a green coloured plastic lid. The glass tub is quite sturdy and heavy. The ingredients are written on the outer cardboard package. I do not have a picture of that as I threw it away.

Texture – This is a cream based moisturizer and should not be confused as a gel based product. It says green tea watery cream. And yes this cream is very watery in consistency. Not as much as gel but its definitely lighter than the regular cream based moisturizers. As a result it doesn’t feel as heavy as other creams. The products sinks into the skin very nicely and leaves the skin hydrated and soft. My skin stays hydrated for the whole day. It does not make my face greasy as a cream product should. It did not break me out. Makeup sits well on top of this moisturizer. It has the most amazing smell, like something fresh and very pleasant. I apply this when I am feeling dryer than other days.

As Green tea is a great anti oxidant it helps in brightening and clearing. I cannot say about the brightening effect of this product as I don’t use it regularly. But, my skin became clearer when I used this everyday for a whole week.

All in all I like this moisturizer. I would say its affordable coz most korean skin care products come at a higher price point. This is the only korean moisturizer I hav used so far that is under 1k and it serves the purpose quite well. What else can I ask for. I even recommended my Mom to use it. If anyone is wanting to try Korean skincare and has backed out because of the price then they can absolutely go for this product.

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