Review : Makeup Revolution Liquid highlighters

Today I am here to talk about another Makeup Revolution Product again. These are the Liquid Highlighters.
I bought them out of sheer curiosity because they look so much like the Cover FX Custom Enhancer drops, but way cheaper. I thought of giving them a try. Of course ! I cannot compare these to the Custom Enhancer drops because
I have not used the later. I have this product in 2 variants. So without further delay let me share my experience with you all.

Priced at Rs 1050/- for 18 ml

Packaging : These come in small cylindrical glass bottles. The lid is in form of a dropper.  Its kind of normal packaging and nothing too fancy.

On the left –> Liquid Champagne ; n the right –> Liquid Luminous Gold

Shades : There are 4 shades available and I have 2 of these. Those are Liquid Champagne and Liquid Luminous Gold. The other 2 shades are Liquid Lustre Gold and Liquid Bronze Gold.
Liquid champagne is as the name suggests a champagne gold highlighter. Liquid luminous gold is a light gold highlighter. These 2 shades have a very slight difference and when swatched next to each other they both look very much alike. These shades would look great on someone with light to medium skin tone.

Pigmentation/Formula : These liquid highlighters are highly HIGHLY pigmented !! Someone can go overboard pretty easily if they are not careful while applying. Less than a drop is enough for the general highlighting areas if you are applying over foundation. Unlike other liquid and cream highlighters these have a different formula. I did apply it over powder and it did not make me look cakey and did not move my base. This formula dries down pretty quickly and did not feel tacky after blending.

How to Use :
There are several ways you can use a liquid highlighter. You can apply it by mixing in with
foundation or underneath it or even over your foundation. Since these highlighters have a different
formula I have found out few ways that work well with the application.

Way No 1: Mix 1 or 2 drops with your foundation and apply it for an all over glow. A liquid foundation will work really well with this.

No 2: Dab the highlighter on the usual areas that you want to highlight and apply the foundation over it for that subtle glow. By usual areas I mean the highest point of your cheek bones, bridge and tip of the nose, chin and temple.
No 3: apply your base, bronzer and blush then dab the highlighter on the usual areas that you want to highlight.

What I have noticed from my experience is that this highlighter works well with fingers.
It blends beautifully with fingers. I tried using my beauty blender but noticed that the application was tad bit patchy as compared to using my fingers. Use your fingers first to blend and then go in with the beauty blender to dab over those highlighted areas.

I am in love with this product. I am obsessed. It is very rare to find such a good highlighter in the drugstore. The price is quite steep for the amount of product you get. But these are pure pigments and will last you ages. A small amount goes a long way. These have the perfect color and formula. I recommend everyone who love highlighters to give this a try.

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