Shopping Experience with Samshék : Custom Made clothing ONLINE !!!!

Online shopping has gained its popularity in last few years. People have a very busy schedule now a days and online shopping is more convenient and less time consuming. I myself have not stepped foot in a store for ages. I do that only if I have to buy makeup. 😋 But that is very rare. Be it groceries, clothes, jewellery or makeup people prefer shopping online. You get more offers, more variety and all that without making a trip to the store.You can sit back, relax and shop anytime you want.

Despite of all these pros, online shopping has its cons as well. Sometimes the product you receive might seem different than what it
looked like on the website. Or it might be the correct size but not the correct fit. Its really frustrating !!!

With Samshék you can get the exact garment you see online.. and the icing on the cake is !!!! You can even customize your garment as per your desire !

A little about Samshék :

Samshék is a online retail shop that specialises in custom made designer clothing. You can choose from a good collection of party wear, formals as well as casuals. They give the option to order an item with standard size or you can customize the garment accordingly to your preferred style, design, fabric and color. You can also specify the kind of fit you like.

I purchased a striped knee length shirt dress from their website.

Here is my experience:
They have a very good collection but I am basically a casual outfit kind of person that is why I chose this dress.
This dress can be styled casual as wells as you can pair it up with different accessories and make it chic. I paired this dress with a pair of transparent strappy heels.

The fabric is really nice and very comfortable. I know a good quality fabric when I see one.
I customized the fit of the dress according to my measurements. I did not want to change anything else in the garment. I was skeptical for sure while ordering. But I should tell you the dress fit me perfectly.

I received the order in a gorgeous black box. The box was embossed with their logo. Inside the box, the garment was neatly wrapped in a scented paper and it had a seal on it. I pay attention to these kind of things. That is why I am mentioning it here. Good packaging is something that impresses me.

The payment was hassle free. The delivery was almost on time. Almost because it got delayed due to weather conditions in Bangalore. They have a very good return policy as well.

So go check out their website and get purchasing. You can also follow them on Instagram to stay updated on their collection.

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