Skincare essentials while traveling to the beach

hey ladies…

I am back from my holidays and also my slumber, so sat down to write a new post…
This one is on skincare essentials to carry when traveling to the beach. I went to Goa last weekend and got a good idea on what to carry and which products are the most useful in the hot and humid climate of the beach.

without further delay lets get into the details…

No 1. –> Moisturizer : YES moisturizer. its a wrong belief people have that they should not wear moisturizer when its hot. Let me tell you, moisturizer is a must whether you have a dry skin or a oily one and whether you are going to the hill station or a beach. When going to a place with hot climate its best to use a moisturizer with gel consistency so that it won’t make your skin look oily or greasy throughout the day.

Tip – you can also carry your favorite full coverage foundation. Mix it with the moisturizer and make your own tinted moisturizer.

Recommendations – Clinique Extended Thirst Relief or The Face Shop chia seed no shine intense hydrating cream

2 –> Sunscreen : I know its kinda obvious but yes sunscreen is very very essential when you are going to sunny place. It is advised to use a sunscreen above SPF 30 and which has a broad spectrum protection. I personally use a mattifying one.

Recommendations – Lotus SafeSun Intensive Sunblock Spray SPF – 50 or Vichy Ideal Soleil SPF 50 dry touch

3 –> Micellar Water : After a day out, this product is much needed to take off the dirt and grime from the skin. I prefer this over a cleansing milk because it does not leave any residue behind and does not irritate sensitive skin.

Recommendations – Bioderma Sensibio H2O or Maybelline Miceller Water

4 –> Cleanser and Toner : These two are again kind of obvious but I felt I should mention them. You should always carry your cleanser to clean your face
and toner to close and tighten those open pores.

You can carry any cleanser or toner that works for you.

5 –> Sleeping Pack or Night Cream : This one is not essential for everyone. Its just me. You can use your regular night cream and call it a day. I have a good reason for taking a sleeping pack with me. I feel that after the whole day’s exhaustion my skin needs a little something extra to revive and rejuvenate itself. A normal night cream would do just fine. But I feel these small sleeping packs are a better alternative t wake up fresh and relaxed in the morning.

Recommendation – Innisfree capsule recipe sleeping packs

I hope this post helps you when you plan your next trip to the beach.
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